We spend a lot of time at work,

We spend more than 90,000 hours of our lives at work,

Plus, between 1 to 2 hours of transport per day,

You also live to the rhythm of the metro, work, sleep?

Have you lived this story?

You love to travel,
But you can only travel a few weeks a year,

Today it is cold, it is raining,
The sun sets so early that you can barely see it,
You’re at the office, dreaming of a trip,
You wait, days, weeks, months and you go on a trip,

You feel like you’re living again just for a few weeks,
Being almost a socially different, happier person,

You’re back at work,
In front of your computer and mouse,
You feel confused,
You know you’re going to wait months before you can leave again.

You are not the only one experiencing this,

The work is too dependent on the location.

The key is to be able to work from wherever you want.

And you don’t need to be the expert of the organization to achieve it,

You just need:
1) an activity that permits it,
2) Take action.

The World has changed

It is no longer necessary to give up everything to travel,

It is no longer necessary to wait until retirement to travel,

It is no longer necessary to survive all year round, to live only a few weeks.

It is one of the most advanced systems I have developed that I am offering you

I’ll explain everything to you.

But before that, a number :


of employees are not involved

Yes, 66% of employees worldwide do not feel involved in their work (Gallup 2018 survey).

In short, most people spend most of their adult lives doing something they don’t like.

The objectives of the LiliWork solution

1) In a few months, go around the world while keeping your job,

2) After accompanying us, having lived one of the most extraordinary moments of your life.


But this solution is particularly suitable for those who:

  • Have an intellectual and non-manual job,
  • Wish to travel with a community that looks like them,
  • Want to get rid of the travel planning puzzle, and focus on their core business,
  • Have the financial resources to do so.


Make your reservation

Cautionary statement

This work abroad program is a first, we will have to select the participants because places are limited in order to leave with the most complementary group possible.


  • Travel easily, without giving up everything.
  • Escape from routine quickly, without taking undue risks.
  • Travel around the world in 12 months, without having to worry about the details.
  • Living in a different city each month for 12 months, without the associated puzzle.
  • Enjoy incredible experiences without having to worry about logistics.
  • Meet very interesting people you probably wouldn’t have known if you were not here.
  • To be with people who have similar mindset
  • Be enriched by the diversity of the present community and local communities.
  • Have a strong local impact.
  • Live as a local, not as a tourist.
  • Share your knowledge and learn from others.
  • Make rapid progress in foreign languages. Without pressure.
  • Traveling without the language barrier
  • For employees : make your employer more attractive,
  • Offer a solution to companies to better find and retain their talents.
  • For entrepreneurs : to have opportunities for associations, feedback from participants, feedbacks, or even to find business creation ideas in travel,
  • For infopreneurs : enrich your content easily and quickly.


Get Started.

Don’t be remorseful for not doing it.

You will invest in your personal development and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.


Visit 12 countries so different,

Countries you might not have known,

Visit amazing cities around the world,

Live unforgettable human relationships,

Enjoy unique local and cultural experiences,

Build new relationships,

And challenge your limits…


Included are



LiliWork takes care of all transfers, from door to door, between the destinations of the program.



A private and furnished room in each city, usually in an apartment with other participants.



1-2 facilitators accompany the group throughout the year, they speak English and another language depending of the group.



24/7 access to a coworking area close to and within walking distance of your home.


Local experiences

Social, cultural, educational and sports activities organized in order to have a 360° perspective of the countries visited.



Participants are hand-picked to provide the most rewarding human experience possible.


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