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We are Liliwork, a business that is dedicated to the process of creating the ultimate experience for people who want to mix work with travel. The beauty of our affiliate program is that our service is extremely easy to sell to a large audience and there are many different ways to approach this in order to appeal to a larger number of individuals.

As an influencer, you have probably found it hard to sell certain affiliate products or services in the past, but selling our service is going to be a breeze even when you target people who are not consciously looking to travel the world.

Your target audiences can be anyone who is able to do their job remotely. You can address your audience by sharing the ultimate opportunity for them to discover the world while they continue to do their job. Liliwork is going to handle every aspect of their travel needs and accommodations, while also pairing them with other professionals who will share this experience with them.

There are many ways to approach this for maximum conversions:

-They will learn about other cultures
-They will create stronger networks with other professionals
-They won’t have to worry about their travel arrangements
-They can decide to use this service as a sabbatical instead of working during their travels.

It’s important to note that people are just sick and tired of the routine and the monotonous lifestyles they lead. That alone can be an outstanding approach that is going to turn many heads and get people interested in what we have to offer. This is a perfect service for millennials that crave freedom, but are feeling shackled by their current environment.

Give your audience the opportunity to become digital nomads for an extended period of time!

Buenos Aires






San José

Costa Rica







Chiang Mai










The possibilities when it comes to how you approach this are endless. We also have a team that is ready to help you find new and exciting ways to promote our service if you feel that you need assistance. We also make use of the Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin for WordPress to make things easier for you.

We want you to earn as much as possible from our affiliate program. We know that your success as an affiliate is something that greatly benefits our business, and we value having you onboard.
You are also going to have the perfect sales hook by giving people a $200 discount if they join the program. In turn, you are going to earn a very substantial commission once they sign up. Your commission is going to be $500 for individuals and there is no limit to the number of candidates you can recommend!

In addition, if new affiliates register directly thanks to you and they make sales, then you also receive for all these sales 20% of commissions, or (20% x $500).

We know you are bombarded with affiliate marketing opportunities, but we also know you are going to find this to be perfect due to how easy it is to spark interest in a large audience.
We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship and this is why we are reaching out to you, the influencer that is looking for optimal affiliate products that are easy to sell. We know you depend on your audience’s trust to continue to grow as an influencer, and you can have peace of mind when you recommend Liliwork as a service that provides outstanding quality. We never fail to meet and surpass expectations with our clients.

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