Code of Conduct

This brief addresses the pledge by LiliWork to serve with integrity, honesty, and professionalism and create a platform where respect, tolerance, and love are paramount.

We intend to make the process entertaining and enjoyable, but one that adheres to human and land laws wherever we are. The code of Conduct (code) is to ensure every party involves with LiliWork is on the same page for a unique experience.


To manage a large group of diverse minds is not an easy task, hence to ensure that respect and tolerance are at the core of our interactions with all participants that make up the community.

In this code, we will be referring to all participants in the community as a Remote or Remote as the case may be. All staff, staff of partnering establishments, workers with/for LiliWork and members of the travel, and work experience is all Remote staff.

As we travel together seeing the world in all its beauty and elegance, we implore all Remotes to represent themselves well following the set Codes of this community.

What this means is that your action and reaction must be devoid of racism, discrimination, abusive words, harassment, slander, or defamation of the character of anyone or group of Remote(s).

It also means you will be held liable for the consequences of your actions as misbehavior is not an excuse and will not be tolerated either as a means of defending one’s self or reacting to a provocation by another.

It any case, you have been illegally or ethically degraded, please report such matters to our LiliWork staff and we will act on it accordingly.

Any Remote(s) who intentionally or provocatively violates the Code of Conduct will face a disciplinary committee and is liable to been removed from the program. Hence we will advise that all Remotes compose themselves most respectably throughout the travel.

Any Remote(s) who violate the Codes will have themselves to blame; if the code was actually breached after reviewing the circumstances.

Remember, the Code is not a contract but a guide to how all Remotes should conduct themselves on the trip. DO NOT assume you have been accorded any preferential treatment as ALL is equal according to the Code.

Equal Employment Opportunity EEO

Although employment refers to Remotes working with/for LiliWork, we believe that every member of a community is an employee as we all work for the progress and success of the community.

Under the EEO laws and what it represents, LiliWork will not tolerate any type of discrimination towards anyone based on age race, ethnicity, sex, origin, religious affiliation, genetic information, disability, status (military), or any other form of discrimination is wholly and totally prohibited.

Anti- Discrimination and Anti-Harassment

LiliWork will not take lightly any form of harassment or discrimination from anyone. We are trying to build a community of unified minds; hence any report of harassment or discrimination based on race, color, origin, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, status, weight, gender, or choices will not be tolerated.

Harassment is not limited to verbal utterances alone but inappropriate use of images, deliberate acts of bullying or intimidation, stalking, talking down, photography, no permission recording, disruption, or any other unwelcome or forced sexual attention. Any Remote that falls into any category will be automatically dismissed from the community immediately.

Sexual Harassment

Sexually harassment is a crime punishable under any law. At LiliWork, we will not tolerate or even slightly accept or condone any form of sexual harassment be it verbal, physical, or both.

Sexual harassment in this Code of Conduct is in the form of visual nature, foul or obscene language or gesture, social media stalking, gossiping or taunting of an individual(s), hate comment, joke making, caricature or hostility to any Remote(s). All questionable requests will be frowned up, and dismissal or reporting to the law is applicable depending on the level and extent of the harassment.

DO NOT IGNORE harassment from anyone. Any staff or Remote(s) who feel he/she has been harassed or violated or is a witness to harassment should inform the necessary authorities immediately.

If you are uncomfortable by any situation or behavior of harassment, please inform your facilitator or a staff immediately.


LiliWork is a pleasure and learning community, all and any violence is not tolerated or accepted in any form. Any threat of brutality, altercation, use of weapons, intimidation, verbal slur, or coercion is not a joke and NOT allowed.

Furthermore, any situation that puts any Remote(s) in a position of violence or violent acts perpetrated towards the Liliwork staff, such individual(s) will be surrendered to the law to face the full wrath of the law.

Social Media

LiliWork is a social community and deals with social media in more ones than one. Social media is a way of communicating among community members and with friends and family in other parts of the world.

With that said, the Code of Conduct forbids anyone using social media to slander harass, discriminate, intimidate, ridicule, or violate another Remote (s) person or character. Hence any use of social media to perpetuate the abuse of anyone will result in immediate removal from the community.


Every individual in the LiliWork community is an adult. We are not in the position to monitor your relationships or who you fraternize with. We do want to insist that adults should take consensual decisions that will not cause any problem with the Remote or the LiliWork community.

We believe in the importance of consent and affirmation Consent and declare that the individual involved must give their consent before any such deed is allowed. A mutual agreement or word must be gotten to prevent the relationship been tagged as harassment or intimidation in the future.

As an emphasis on the Code of Conduct, anti-harassment section, any unwelcome sexual advances or attention is not allowed. Also, if you are not sure if you have received consent to go ahead, stop immediately and stay away.

Alcohol and Stimulant use

As a community of adult and in accordance to promoting safety and security among Remote(s); all actions that are detrimental to you or to other are highly prohibited such as the use of drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol Use – we can’t stop you from indulging, but we will tell you the risk and danger of excessive consumption of alcohol. Hence, we enjoy all Remote(s) to drink wisely and make smart alcohol decisions always.

Furthermore, all LiliWork Staff are called upon to drink responsibly and ensure that alcohol consumption doesn’t in any way cloud their judgment, decision, or performance on the job.

To all staff and Remote(s), if alcohol consumption pushes you to violate any of the Code of Conduct rules, you are liable to a disciplinary team that could lead to immediate dismissal from the community. Be Wise!

Drug and Stimulant Use – drug use is illegal and poses a serious threat to the community. The word drug refers to any stimulant that will affect your judgment, which is not limited to inhalants, illegal drugs, controlled substances, and marijuana.

As part of keeping with the drug laws in every country of visit, LiliWork reserve the right to search through your Remote(s) property for contrabands and/or any substance tagged illegal.

Failure to cooperate with the team at any departure or arrival point will lead to your removal from the community.

Removal is also for any staff/Remote(s) that are found selling, buying, dispensing illegal drugs in any form including staff.

Assumption of Liability

LiliWork is not liable for any behavior by any Staff or Remote that goes against the Code of Conduct, including but not limited to sexual assault, violence, drug, harassment, discrimination, abuse of drugs, and alcohol.

Anyone who partakes, coerces, or instigates the breach of law in any of these areas will be handed over to the authorities, and automatically removed from the team, including staff.

Report Policy

Any staff or Remote(s) are expected to adhere to the laws of the country and the Code of Conducts herein. Anyone that breaches any section of the Code is to face the disciplinary committee.

The right to report is for all; if you see any section of the Code of Conduct breached, report to the appropriate team, including the names of those involved in breaking the law.

If you are in a position to stop an act of violence, please do your best to solve it, and then report it to the appropriate office.

DO NOT NEGLECT or overlook any form of violence or intimidation but take the following steps

Call the attention of other members of the community in the vicinity
If the incident is in a public place, report to the authorities or your group coordinator
Lodge a report with LiliWork team or place a call to our help desk to report the problem
All steps will be addressed during an investigation, and the individuals involved will face the disciplinary team with immediate expulsion from the community for all parties involved, including any staff of LiliWork.

When submitting a violation report, remember to add your name and other essential details to the helpline.

No retaliation

LiliWork will not tolerate any retaliation report of another Remote that has reported an incident related to the violation of the Code of Conduct stated herein.

If the disciplinary team perceives any form of retaliation or is notified of any, it will be duly investigated, and due actions are taken.

If the Remote putting forward retaliation is found guilty, action will be taken, which includes but not limited to dismissal from the community.

The Code of Conduct is to ensure a united community that works together to the progress of the members. The Code doesn’t in any way intend to justify or limit the right of action of a member, or group within the community.

Should any question and doubt arise, we encourage you to speak with your group facilitator first so that the issue can be addressed.

However, if the doubt still lingers, please speak with a superior LiliWork official to address the issues you have. The Code of Conduct is an agreement and bounding laws, rules and regulations that aim to see to the progress of our travel work community.

It is a guide to align all members in order and ensure every Remote(s) has a good time throughout their duration exploring the world with LiliWork.