LiliWork Hiring

As we grow in our travel/work communities, we are looking for people like you to join our global community of digital nomads.

Job opportunity

Spend the next 4 to 12 months touring exotic and historical places around the world while guiding a group of other digital geeks, developers, entrepreneurs, authors and artist, creative directors, projects supervisors, managers/CEO/COO and other great people around exciting destinations to see, learn and work. 

Are you our specs?

Are you a born leader?

Do you love to travel?

Do you want to make a difference in the world?
This is your opportunity – LiliWork travel/work is hiring.

And we want YOU.

The Experience we need

Do you know how to organize meet up, conferences, get-together, and other events ?
– We want YOU 

Do you know how to lead people in a group and have a great manageability skill ?
– We need YOU –

Do you have a creative mind and are capable of interacting well with other creative minds ?
– We need YOU –

Can you diplomatically resolve misunderstanding and conflict ?
– We need YOU –

Can you handle a professional team, project, singlehandedly or in a group ?
– We need YOU –

Are you up for traveling extended periods say 4 months to 12 months ?
– We need YOU –

If you have the above skills
– Get in touch with us now because WE need YOU –


Do you have the Experience?

Where you come from doesn’t matter, but a travel and people interactive ability is essential. Do you love change and interacting in public with a stranger? We will love it if you are super friendly, caring, can think on your feet, love working in a group, have an uncanny emotional IQ, and communication skills. Aside from submitting a CV of who you claim to, we will follow you on social media to get to know you better.


Are you our specs?

Do you love meeting new people? Can you strike a conversation and bring life into a group? Do you share your opinion regardless of the opposition, but are also compassionate enough to listen, understand, and appreciate a good conversation?
If you think, you have special listening abilities; then we need YOU.


How do you feel about change and differences?

In creating a global community of inclusiveness, our perfect hire should be able to work with everyone regardless of gender, belief, race, age, nationality, sexual orientation, opinions or ethnicity, and others. LiliWork will not tolerate any kind of prejudice or disregard or sarcasm that goes against embracing differences toward any of our clients within the community.

What Hires will benefit?

  • Grow with a potentially immense startup in the remote travel space
  • Learn and appreciate the diversity around the world
  • Be productive and creative on the road
  • Learn how to park for a year in one suitcase
  • Be part of a booming remote community

Job Description


If you love living the good life on the road while helping other people do the same, this is for you.
LiliWork expects anyone in this position to ensure all trips and transitions are smooth, impressive, and fulfilling for our entire clients.
We want someone that can work unsupervised, delivering excellent results, and are willing to be on the road for 365 days traveling and working with LiliWork.


The first mission for any hire is:

Ensure things run smoothly – there is always an activity daily on any trip. So your job is to ensure that the day-to-day activities are seamless.
There are bound to be hitches and problems, so a trip facilitator must be quick on their feet to ensure all participants enjoy their work travel experience to the fullest.

Initiate and support Growth – be a role model to all participants; by initiating progressive activities that will improve the participant personally and professionally.

Build viable digital Remote Communities – LiliWork is a safe haven for travelers working on the road. It is your job to ensure all members participate in the progress of the community, set the atmosphere right, and create working and living relationships that transcend after the program is over.

Community Administrative Responsibilities
  • Be active on social media
    Create a group with positive energy and vibe
  • Prevent discord and disunity among members
  • Welcome and engage new members
  • Interact with the local community through daily activities
  • Connect members to their immediate communities
  • Get feedback after each group meet up or event
  • Update the LiliWork social media Remote travel account
  • Facilitators Duties
  • Organize workshops, lunches, and seminars
  • Ensure internet connectivity is always on
  • Ensure all Liliwork media equipment is protected and secure
  • Handle all logistics for flight, accommodation, workspace, and events

Facilitators working with/for LiliWork do not receive any form of salary but will get a stipend for basic needs. However, they will travel the world for free, be part of a remote community of unique individuals, get free accommodation and housing, enjoy all activities and events for free, meet and develop relationships, get international health insurance, and co-work on every trip.

Do you think you can handle all these and more while you see the world for free?

Visit us and fill out a form.

We want YOU.