Our Vision

Work while you travel the world in Style

Now you can combine your work and travel experience rolled up into one fun trip around the most exotic and beautiful places around the world through LiliWork.

Are you tired of sitting in your office from 9 to 5 every day? Do you wish you could expand your work career on the road while you explore the world without breaking the bank?

Now you have the opportunity to be the digital nomad in any country across the world.

What is LiliWork?

LiliWork is a group of travel work community that is offering people the opportunity to see the world while they work. This process enables them to see the world, meet the best in their niche, and grow themselves in more ways than one.
LiliWork is a budding team of people that are shifting the mindset of personalities from the standard and creating a travel program that is enabling people explore the world with their jobs in tow.

If you love traveling and working…

… just pack your bags or suitcase, and meet us at the first destination. We will handle accommodation, activities, and events at the different locations, and create interactive workspaces with an internet connection to enable see, hear, eat, and work for a whole month.

We are ready for you to answer all your questions and discuss how the process works.


Our Vision

To connect the world through work and travel of amazing places and programs that will develop one morally, culturally, professionally, and personally as you meet and interact with other people and ideas.


Our Goal

To enable people to build their own adventure through work and travel of the most beautiful and exotic places on the planet.


Our Mission

To create a more productive world through understanding, idea sharing, human relationships that will foster productivity and love across borders.


Who is this experience for?

For everyone that loves to travel, meeting people, and building their careers on the road. It is also for companies looking to increase productivity, retention, and employment experience.


Why work with us?

Because we are the best! Don’t just take our words for it, try us today and enjoy a community of people waiting to show you around the most beautiful places in the world with a smile and a hug.